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Star Drops Star Drops

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good art, Great backstory, and smooth gameplay with a nice soundtrack.
My only complaint is that it was quite short. Finished in 15 rounds.

Back to Alien Party Back to Alien Party

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Ok I guess...

Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this game that much- because I felt the problems weighed it down too much. It was good, but not enough that I felt the need to finish it.
Firstly - the game lags- annoyingly. Of course you had the decency (I don't blame u for this though) to remove quality options, so I can't tell if its my computer or bad coding. But the game lags, and that's a problem.

Secondly- Invisible objects. I first noticed this when I hit a balloon going up, and then wasted all my fuel ramming into the balloon over and over again. This silly 'invisible' objects rule applies to everything except money, and I do feel it breaks the game completely; if you remember where things are you can double collect them, and everything else gets 'multiple hits' on you. It looks like things were made invisible instead of being removed, which is a big no-no.

Third - Power-ups. Now I invested in money, engines, battery and air resistance, so everything else is zero while those are about 1/2 way or 4/5, yet I cannot reach even the 2/5 of the way. Unless your powerups rise exponentially, (which by the battery increases of 1 I doubt) I don't see any realistic way I can finish the game without some serious luck. Which is why I stopped.
Those were my three main gripes, and without them the game would WORK perfectly. The graphics are great and the sounds are great. But overall, I don't know. Although I think the idea was a good concept, I don't see it implemented in the story (there are no humans at the party) and frankly, the game doesn't seem to fit it. I don't feel any reason to finish playing for fun, other than the OCD will to complete the game. Its a good game, but it needs a bit more than that.

Chuck the Sheep Chuck the Sheep

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Just one thing...

This really is a great game: good enough to spar with other games of this genre like Learn To Fly, Flight and Burrito Bison. However, it's missing one very crucial thing, actual velocity.
Now, lets not go all 'physics' up in here, but velocity is speed, no? Things going up slow down, while things going down speed up? That's pretty basic right? But this game lacks that. The controls are the same as any other flight game, but they only control height, even though the 'engine' is attached to the back, pressing up only increases my height not my forward speed!?!? So what determines the forward speed, or x? Time. It seems that your speed increases the longer you are flying. Now that doesn't make any sense.
I'm not claiming the game is broken because of this; I still finished and slightly enjoyed it. But it took me out of the experience. When trying to get 'above 20MPH' I can't speed up by going down; I just... keep going right. Or this weird scenario: I broke my fuel tank but not my wings or boosters. Now with no fuel tank my 'speed' is 0 but I can still boost, so I do so... and when the boost finishes, my speed dips below 0. I assume that 'boosting' adds to your 'speed' then subtracts from your speed. So clearly 'speed' in this game is completely arbitrary and doesn't model the real world in the slightest.
I can't understand why basic speed and velocity would be looked over in a flight game. How can I fly when I can't even control how I moving on the x axis??? If you haven't noticed that while playing the game, then good for you! Then it doesn't really affect the gameplay as much as I thought. But if I can't 'fly' properly, then it doesn't matter how good the game system is; its not flying.

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Dr. Bones' Adventure Dr. Bones' Adventure

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Graphics, Story Brilliant. Gameplay Poor...

I can't play this game. I just physically cant, because the screen keeps freezing up on me. I can't understand it. But lets get through the rest of the game first.
Graphics: are amazing. The comic style, the intro screen looked brilliant, the animation for jumping and running is smooth, and the backgrounds look fantastic. You can say everything in the visual department is pretty sweet, those little gradients you used in the opening screen; perfect!
Audio: The songs are good but repetitive, but unfortunately the gameplay is so frustrating you don't even notice. Sound effects are well placed, and with a small team I can't complain. Enjoyed the guitars in the starting menu.
Story: Pretty cool. I can see you where going for something there, and I wished the game would let me do it, but no.
Gameplay: There are lots of problems here. Too many, unfortunately. Though after a while, I didn't mind using space to jump (because I have a laptop and use two hands, one for ASD and one for SPACE), not having W as a jump button was bothering and unnecessary. SPACE is used better in shooters, not platforms.
The level design was weird in places too, but that's probably because of the weird controls. Bones keeps momentum even after a jump, so you may land on a platform only to continue running off it. Sometimes the platforms are logically too high unless for jumping, but Bones can somehow 'run' up platforms that he should be jumping to. The vines are just annoying, the three vines in chapter 3 are so close together that when I try and reach full swinging speed I end up 'catching' the vine behind me by mistake, even without jumping! Jumping off them is a pain too, and jumping into the bottom of a trampoline... bad.
Lastly, the lagging level transitions. Before this, I could bear all the level design and annoying enemy placements (the frog below the vine is killer, you have to jump and grab the vine as the frog lands, and press jump immediately to get to the other side) but this makes the game literally impossible to play. I understand you were possibly trying to implement the old Megaman one screen level style, which works well for this game, but this is Flash, and what I don't understand is why it has to take so long. Shouldn't (excuse my english) the 5.6mb of data have already loaded on my computer? What/Where is it loading from, an external server?
Not only this, I discovered you have to be in the right place for the screen to move, e.g if you try and jump into the next screen, like Bones' height above, you get stuck there but the screen doesn't load, but if you walk there, it does. Of course, no rules apply to this loading screen, especially during the respawn/chapter screens, where sometimes everything goes white. I think the worse part is that you can't recover as restart/exit to menu do nothing. Plus, I have no info on what stops the loading; should I wait before I press E to respawn? Did the game not finish loading? There's no way to tell if the screen will work unless u wait or refresh the page and hope for the best.
The real problem is that everything else is great. But what makes a game is its gameplay, and its only this aspect that got overlooked. I really liked the puzzle concept, would have loved to see more but the game refuses to let me back into Chapter 3. I'm afraid that the game is useless if you can't play it. Btw, sry I wrote so much.

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Sota Sota

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty nice-

Too easy though, like everyone else mentioned, with a good sense of geometry you can easily get 100% on all. The levels were very creative, but put the towers at the right corners and done. Unfortunately, without the inclusion of different types of towers and such, there really is no way to improve that dynamic. +DracoErrarus had a good point, there should be levels where you have to pick and choose diff areas to get to a certain %, instead of knowing you can reach 100% all the time.
Also, the art, even though I liked the way you used paper-like things, I think a tv static theme would have suited the game better.
This game must involve a lot of math; nice job on it anyway! Kudos-

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Killing Substance Killing Substance

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

A Disgrace to Interesting Kills.

We've all played them before, the game were mysterious creature has to kill someone/a group of people in interesting and intuitive ways. This game attempts at this, but falls on PLENTY of levels.
1) No story. No motive. Why am I killing these people??? I don't know, and I doubt I ever will. I dont have any info on what I am, or how I possess various items in rather stupid ways.
2) The art. The art is okay, but for the kills, which should be the major part of the game, are weak and poorly animated, not to mention the blood is terribly 2D. Drawings are reused, and the characters show little fear when they go through about 2 frames of movement before getting squished.
3) The Sound. The background music, if existent, is fine, but the cliche sound after the death; it just gets annoying after the 100th time. Are we in the 80's with those lame black and white horror flicks?
4) The gameplay. Its so bad that it has to be split into three parts. First, how the kills are performed. Just one click on a suspicious/totally ordinary object, instant kill. Now I know that anything more will require thinking, but the killing methods are lame, and I'll like a better challenge in figuring out how and what can kill.
5) The game itself. Now when I started this game, I saw '120 achievements' and was like - Oh awesome! There must be like, 70-100 different kills and then the rest are just different combinations! WRONG. The game has about than 20 kills and almost 100 different combinations. Now, I realise that making so many kills is hard, but to click on the same 20 deaths every time in 100 different ways for ONE ENDING? I have patience, but its just impossible. The ending cannot possibly be that good.
6) Finally, the kills themselves. Like I said, creative deaths are hard to think up, but some of them are just... daft, for lack of a better word. Man's fingers trapped by piano. Random demon summoned from TV chops off head. Somehow your toilet has the power to cut off your arm with no sharp edges (why the heck did she put her arm in the bowl anyway? Use a PLUNGER). Some of the deaths are simply unrealistic, and they are just stupid to believe someone could die in this way. How exactly does water kill you again?

I don't usually rant like this, but this game is just poor. I was very annoyed looking at the walkthrough, the game is too simple and not interesting in the slightest. Not to mention this game could be better, the swords on the wall are overlooked in the first death and animation is lazy... I'm done.

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The First Hero The First Hero

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not good enough-

The art was great and the graphics were simple and very greek like (you know, the black paint on pottery and stuff) but the game simply wasn't challenging. Far too linear, I finished it in only 5 minutes with one deaths due to random clicking in the first battle. An easy thing if you know your Greek myths, and far too simple for a point-and-click, even for me, who sucks at it.
In Summary, great art, but too easy gameplay and boring story. You should spend more time on level design and gameplay, that's what makes a game 'fun'.

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Monkeys and typewriters Monkeys and typewriters

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Word = blah.

Monkeys work = undefined.
Wasted paper = 300000 and counting.

HydroEmperor responds:

Yeah, I have 990000 attempts and counting for a three letter word.

It's like the old rice on a chessboard argument, each letter adds the difficulty exponentially, making the program actually useless for anything but proving a point after 4 letters, the point would be that the infinite moneys and typewriters argument really would take infinite time.

Fear Is Vigilance Fear Is Vigilance

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Sweet game.

Didn't have the control problems that everyone's talking about, in Firefox 6 and IE 8. and the story was very systematic and clear. Confusion was probably due to the control problem, which is probably due to a flash player or browser problem, not the game (to my knowledge). All controls and other storywise information were explained during the story, so I see no problem with that.
Otherwise, the game was rather cool. Gameplay mechanics worked well, no obvious problems there. The story was well made, I liked the way they beat up people to protect their safety, kind of ironic. Bonus for being extra realistic and moving out after the 5th day, cause by then the police clearly would have been brought in. The characters were deep, the flow of the story was clean, and the ending was...... interesting. The arcade mode was fun too, plus it showed that Justine (btw, was that a pun on 'justice'?) wasn't lazin around.
One problem though; I thought the health system should be revised. It doesn't make sense that I recover health when someone runs away or is knocked out - rather I should heal with time when not fighting.
Summary: Good idea, good execution, good game. Kudos. Good graphics too, if i didnt mention before. (ps ice level is my fav! But why isnt anyone wearing ice skates?)

randomninen responds:

Mostly 'cause I thought it'd be funny. :D Cheers!

Particle Havoc Particle Havoc

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wow, its ridculously colourful

I dunno where you learned your particle physics but that looks awesome!
Also, I agree with trepidation13!

raidthewood responds:

Haha thanks. Its my own engine I worked on for about a week. Purely bitmapdata =]