Entry #9


2012-05-07 21:55:48 by MiloticMaster

I'm working on something. Yes. One thing. Been working on it for a while. Since my last post, I guess. Can't tell you what it is though. Why? Top secret. Don't wanna make any necessary hype. Also cause I don't like to promise something I'm not able to deliver. Also I'm trying to build something presentable to show. A sad story really; I had to scrap my last two builds... But thats besides the point. The reason I haven't visited so often is cause I'm working on this. And I will have a demo sometime this year, I promise (I hope). But I can't be certain, which is why I can't tell you what I'm doing.
In the meanwhile, I may post some art. I'm not too good at it though, but maybe you can guess what I'm working on (if you're smart) and it gives me something to do and hold interest. But when I have a demo, I'll post it. And announce it; kind of at the same time really, but I want it to be good so it will take time; well, I'm setting an ETA on end of July I guess. What I have currently looks like it will work. So see you then.



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